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Last Update : 2024-07-24

Where is Kapuz Canyon?

Kapuz Canyon is a natural wonder located approximately 30 kilometers from the center of Antalya. The canyon is situated within the borders of Konyaaltı district and is a unique escape spot for nature lovers.

How to Get to Kapuz Canyon?

Getting to Kapuz Canyon is quite easy. You can reach the canyon from Antalya city center by private car or public transportation. There are signposts along the road leading to the canyon and parking areas are available.

What Can You Do at Kapuz Canyon?

1. Nature Hiking: Kapuz Canyon is ideal for nature hikes and trekking. You can take a walk amidst the canyon’s natural beauty and enjoy the serene environment.

2. Photography: The impressive landscapes of the canyon offer great opportunities for nature photographers. You can capture many beautiful shots along the canyon.

3. Picnicking and Camping: Kapuz Canyon is perfect for picnicking and camping. Spend enjoyable time with your family and friends and savor the natural surroundings.

4. Adventure Sports: The canyon also hosts adventure sports like climbing and rock climbing. It's a perfect spot for adrenaline enthusiasts.