Adrasan Suluada
Adrasan Suluada
Adrasan Suluada
Adrasan Suluada
Adrasan Suluada
Adrasan Suluada

With its crystal clear sand and turquoise water, Suluada is one of the best places to swim in Antalya.

What can I do on Suluada?

The name Suluada is a compound word meaning "watery island". The name refers to the freshwater springs on the island. Suluada is 2 km from the mainland and has a total length of around 1,200 meters. The water gets its color and clarity from microorganisms called foraminifera.

There are two beaches on Suluada. Both beaches have mainly white pebbles with a proportion of small black pebbles. The west beach is larger but has more waves.

Be sure to bring a diving mask! Suluada has rich marine life with a natural reef and many marine life. According to experts, Suluada should be declared a nature reserve as soon as possible. If you're lucky, you may also see dolphins and Mediterranean monk seals, two of the island's most frequent visitors.

Suluada is not connected to water or electricity. For this reason there are no hotels or guesthouses on the island. The closest accommodations to Suluada are the boutique hotels, bungalows and tree houses in Adrasan or Olympos.

How do I get to the island of Suluada?

Suluada is located at the westernmost end of the Gulf of Antalya, about 7 kilometers from Cape Gelidonya. To reach Suluada, you must first go to Adrasan, which is about 95 km from the center of Antalya. It takes about 1.5 hours to drive by car. If you prefer to travel by public transport, you can board a bus to Adrasan from Antalya bus station.

Boat Tours: You can book one of the daily boat tours that visit the beautiful bays and islands around Adrasan. These include Suluada, Three Islands and Cıralı. The boat trip usually lasts about 7 hours.

Fishing boats: Alternatively, you can rent a fishing boat in Adrasan for a day. The option is suitable for large families and groups. So you can keep to yourselves and experience an adventure together.

History of Suluada

In ancient times Suluada was called "Krambusa". The island has been an important port of call for water supplies to seafarers throughout history.

It has always been believed that the fresh water coming from the island has healing properties. Therefore, it is recommended to drink the water here. It is said to be particularly effective against kidney stones.

Today, Suluada attracts hundreds of visitors curious about the island's sands, turquoise seas, and caves.