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Last Update : 2024-04-19

Trysaina (also known as Trysa or Trysaina) is an ancient city located in the Antalya province of Turkey. The city was built in the Hellenistic period, around the 3rd century BC, and was an important center of the Pergamene Kingdom. The city was surrounded by walls, and had a theater, agora, stadium, and many other structures.

The ruins of Trysaina were first excavated in the late 19th century by a team of German archaeologists. Excavations have revealed many well-preserved buildings and artifacts, including a Roman-era theater, a Hellenistic-era agora, and a Byzantine church.

The city was an important center of trade and agriculture, and was known for its production of wine and olive oil. The city is situated on a hilltop with a beautiful view, and it is possible to see the Mediterranean sea from the city.

Trysaina is open to visitors and is a popular spot for tourists, history buffs and archaeologists. It's a good destination for those who are interested in ancient history and archaeology.