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Lakes & Rivers

Lakes and rivers, which are among the natural beauties of Antalya, offer a calm and peaceful atmosphere to its visitors. These wetlands are waiting to be discovered with their magnificent landscapes and natural life.

Some of Antalya's lakes are suitable for touristic activities. Oymapınar Dam Lake is an ideal place for water sports lovers. Aksu River is a popular destination for adventure seekers who want to canoe or raft. Göynük Stream is famous for its waterfalls and natural pools and is a great place to enjoy swimming in its cool waters.

Antalya fascinates visitors with its rivers, natural beauties, historical bridges and the surrounding landscapes. Located within the Köprülü Canyon National Park, Köprüçay River is a popular rafting site and offers an adventurous day with stunning views. It is ideal for a quiet walk or picnic with the Düden and Manavgat rivers, waterfalls and historical structures around them.

Antalya's lakes and rivers are some of the most beautiful examples of nature. It is a great destination for nature walks, water sports or those who just want to enjoy the scenery. Are you ready to discover these natural beauties of Antalya?